Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I placed my first (and very likely my last for awhile) order from Anthropologie last week. I've shown you all tons of things from Anthropologie I've drooled over in the past, but I've never ordered because it's too pricey. Anyway, I have a cupboard full of coffee mugs but virtually no glasses, so I ordered four of these and figured I'd find some cheaper, matching ones somewhere else to round it out.
I know you are all riveted by this information, but please try to contain yourselves. :) Email me and tell me some of your favorite splurges.

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Bean Sprouts said...

Love that glass. I heart Anthropologie too, but I've never bought anything. I'll cave one day ;)

My biggest splurge was my DSLR camera. 2 years later I still don't know how to use it except on Auto lol. I need to splurge on some photography classes now!