Sunday, May 8, 2011

our pastor on the right looking like a tough guy, worship leader in the middle looking far less scary, and a church member on the left
Yesterday a group from my church ended up in Apison, assisting in cleanup. I met them at Apison Elementary, not knowing that they planned on doing cleanup on my street (they didn't even know I lived there!). We ended up at MY house for a little while, but spent the majority of the day clearing trees for an 83 year old sweetheart of a man and his wife. He and his wife huddled on the lower floor of their home during the tornado, praying they'd be around awhile longer for their 11 grandchildren. They then told me about a man who lives on the ridge who they call "Wolf Man". He is a recluse and owns wild animals and lives in a cabin. A search party went out to check on him after the tornado and he was just fine..clearning trees from his own property.
This is our group eating lunch at the "command center". By the way, my street was full of groups of people doing cleanup groups for the most part. It was amazing and they got so much done.

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