Friday, May 6, 2011

Life is pretty much continuing on in a new normal state in our neighborhood. The rescue vehicles and helicopters aren't coming around much anymore. Now it's just heavy duty work crews scraping debris off the ground and hauling it to a central location. FEMA is finally here. Our road is closed off and on. I've driven around a little bit and have seen that other, more populated streets took an even greater hit than ours. We've been helping serve meals at the command center and clear debris for our neighbors. One lady broke her back (pre-tornado) and lost all 3 of her horses plus 2 goats and a few chickens. She's fallen twice trying to clean up what used to be some really idyllic acres of property. Her house is off it's foundation and a tree came through one of her rooms. We've been walking over and taking meals to her since she can't drive. She's in a daze. Pretty typical story though. One thing that has been awesome is how we've gotten to know the neighbors to our right and left. I can tell we've formed friendships that will always be there.

I'm heading out to the command center now to see what I can do today. Within the next few days I'll get back to posting about more normal stuff. There are some pretty things I want to show you. Everyone take care!


Debbie H said...

You are awesome and a great role model for your daughter.

JennWren said...

thank you that's sweet :)