Monday, May 9, 2011

Live from the Coin Laundry

Today I'm at the laundromat washing a gigantic comforter and rug, and I have to tell you friends that I feel a little misled by the coin laundry industry, and maybe the entertainment industry as well. I thought laundromats were sexy places where singles mingled and people drank beer and played guitar. I distinctly remember seeing Ross and Rachel in the basement laundromat in their NYC apartment and I remember a handful of laundromat scenes in movies where men and women met, exchanged in some cute dialog, feigned embarrasment over their panties in the dryer, and then lived happily ever after.

Well let me tell you that laundromats in the real world are nothing like that. They're filled with people eyeing you suspiciously out of the corner of their eyes - people who guard their change and  mini boxes of Tide with a Gollum-like passion. They take one look at the prices on the big daddy washer and exclaim in unison "HEEL NO!" then proceed to ask you for change. I sit here and realize I spent 30 minutes looking for the mate to the perfect cute shoes for nothing. No guys washing the shirts off their backs. It's a drag but I'm glad I can bring you the truth about these places so you, too, aren't misled.

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