Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If I were to be honest.......

If I were honest, I would tell you that I'll miss having dinners prepared by the Red Cross...I'll miss the church groups...I'll miss the police officers. It's like when a loved one dies, and you're heartbroken but have all the out of town company to help keep you going. Then when they all go home you're just left with the reality of your loss. Well on a smaller scale that's what it's like when all the volunteers go home, and you're left looking at an ugly gash on the side of a mountain or snapped off splintered groves of trees where there was once lush woodlands. The breeze that ruffles your hair while you sit on the porch will be the same wind that ruffles the scattered debris of someone's life a few houses down, and somehow you'll feel guilty about that. If you'd like, you can view our tornado here. In the video a man is praying "God be with them" and it touches me. So you're not confused, this was taken when the tornado was in Ringgold which was just several seconds before it hit Apison (which borders Ringgold).

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