Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank you Jesus that I could afford…

Rain boots. Not just any rain boots, but boots that are fire engine red with white polka dots. Not only do my feet stay dry on my trek into work on rainy days like today, but they make me happy just looking at them. It’s fun to think that God, who sees how temporary our material possessions are, still indulges us with them now and again (and I'm pretty sure he uses Target and Etsy as His distributers). Maybe in these times he’s relating His love to us in ways our human minds know well. He doesn’t always save us from things like pain, loss, and heartache, and I don’t pretend to even understand that. I know those things shape us, and that we’re shaped our entire lives by both our good and bad experiences. Maybe there’s nothing to be learned from soaked feet and ruined shoes though. Maybe there’s more to be gained by Him showing me love and giving me a gift to make life a little easier. All I know is that I got to wear my super cute little gift from God today, and not a puddle was left untouched on my path to work.

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