Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing with The Star

It's no secret to those very close to me that I've been going through something the past couple of days. Maybe it's an awareness that despite my best efforts to achieve the life I want, it can all be unfolded and become dust in seconds. Holding it all together on my own, fighting off insults, building a life for my legs can be knocked out from under me instantly and I'm left incapable..totally incapable and without anyone to fix it for me. Today at work I was listening to some David Crowder songs and came across one called Only You. It should be playing on this page if you have your sound turned up. If not there's a link at the bottom. After listening to the words I knew it was time to do something. I shut my door. I got on my knees. (well...first I made sure my door was locked). I worshiped. I told God He can carry me awhile as if He isn't already. But I'm not gonna strive and fight it. Eventually I found my way to my feet, hit the repeat button on the song, and as crazy as this sounds, I danced. With my Savior. I believe He was there. He was telling me it's ok to just rest against Him and let Him guide me through my muddled thoughts and confusion.


Lisa notes... said...

I love your post. Worshiping is always right. Blessings to you.

J. said...

Good for you! Happy to see this on the Carnival Blog site!
God Bless!
Praying for you-

QuietSoul51 said...

I am so blessed by the folks who have joined the Rest Ministries Blog Carnival! As I read through these posts, I am seeing so much encouragement, so much honesty, so much sharing of Christ's love for us. I love the song you have playing. Even in the midst of all we go through ... He IS there holding on to us.

Be blessed!


Kaye said...

I love the David Crowder band! And I love to read testimonies of surrender to God, especially of those in the "fire of adversity." Thank you for the encouragement! :)