Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Someone declared it "post your favorite wedding picture day" and I'm jumping in. I love my mom-in-law for capturing this moment. My grandpa was too sick to make it that day, and so I was talking to him on the phone just after the ceremony. My grandma (that's her back in the picture) dialed the phone and handed it to me. I remember my grandpa congratulating me in a somewhat weak voice, but he sounded so happy for me. I love him, but he's gone from us now. He passed away in 2007. I think of him often when I'm in a difficult situation, and repeat a nonsenical phrase in my head that he used to say. I think it meant something like "kiss it goodby" or sometimes "kiss my butt" or "kiss my grits" depending on whether he was talking about a situation or a person. "Well kissa-mala-goo-um". If any family members are reading this, feel free to comment on your own interpretation or to correct my spelling. :-)

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Tiffany T. said...

Aw that is a wonderful moment. Chris looks cute and happy there in the background. Your dress looks fab on you.
Interesting phrase your grandpa used to say. I just had a daydream that maybe he knew my grandpa, and they came up with strange phrases together. My mom said my grandpa used to always say "smell my mossy." No clue what that means, but I say it sometimes. I'll have to hear you say yours so I can see how to pronounce it.