Friday, June 3, 2011

Today brought us a perfect Stars Hollow moment at our local grocery store. Stars Hollow is a Gilmore Girls reference in case you're not an addict of that show like we are. Anyway, we were at the store and the bagger was talking about a mouse that was found in the store. There were some management and staff trying to "get rid of it". The cashier kept telling him to shut up (exact words) which only  made me more curious. He was really excited and I imagine the mouse was the biggest thing to happen there since the time someone robbed the store and put all of the staff in the meat locker. Anywayyyy.....As we exited I saw three grown men, one in dress clothes and one with a shovel, clambering over all the shopping carts trying to get to this one little mouse. You probably had to be there.

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Debbie H said...

Definitely a Stars Hollow moment. I so want to live in SH!1