Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For several months now I've been taking a power nap during my lunch break.

The reason for this is that I'm nagged by constant joint and muscle aches and pains..all day every day. Tormented might be a better word on some days. It exhausts me. Imagine how your body feels when you have the flu...those deep aches you can't quite get rid of even after taking medicine, and that's what it's like day in and out for me. Despite years of testing I still don't know exactly what's wrong.  So instead of letting it take over my world, I fight. I make myself go to the bookstore even though I'm exhausted. I take the long way home from work even when my arms hurt from holding the wheel, because the long way is the prettier way. I get together with friends. I volunteer. I take care of Lydia. As my reward for toughness I allow myself a few luxuries.
A lunchtime nap is one of them. 
Do you think I'm completely looney toons? I need to know, because today my boss knocked on my door during lunch/naptime and I kicked my pillow under the desk and opened the door. There was a sermon playing on my computer. The light was off. One pant leg was pulled up because I was putting pain cream behind my knees. He didn't bat an eye, maybe because he's used to my weirdness.

Lunchtime is over my friends. Thanks for reading my blog. I love my readers.

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Gail and Keith said...

Nope, you're not weird. Years ago Keith used to take a nap every day at lunch in a storage room at his office before the company decided to close the office to save money by having their adjusters work out of their homes. More than once he startled someone who found him napping there. G