Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple pleasures can be found even at work. I took a few minutes to appreciate some things I see around me every day.

First of all, I can be thankful I have a job. I have a long-suffering boss and great benefits so that I never worry about healthcare for Lydia and I.

Following as a close second is my 2nd cup of morning coffee in my favorite mug.

These little birds float behind my computer monitor in multi-colors and patterns.

Then there's this picture of Lydia and I having fun at the Women's Expo in Knoxville. It reminds me that I'm not only a mom, but I try to be a friend as well...there is a fine balance.

And last but not least we have music. How would you get through a day in a windowless office without it.

Among my favorite songs on my playlist are
  • Nobody's Dirty Business by Mississippi John Hurt
  • Better Together by Jack Johnson
  • Shake Sugaree by Elizabeth Cotten
  • Dill Pickle Rag by Chet Atkins and Doc Watson
  • Trouble Trouble by Betty Roche

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