Thursday, February 11, 2010

To the angry Medical Assistant at my dermatologist's office: I'm sorry that seeing my face apparently ruined your day. I suspect that having to call my name and plop some charts on the counter took you away from more important things like updating your Facebook status or having a text convo with your DH. I gathered this by observing the way you glared at me and rejected my attempts to cheer you up by telling jokes and all but kissing your behind. I was trying to set a good example for my daughter so I refrained from commenting aloud about this.

I know this post isn't very "Lovely". I'll make up for it later.


Gail and Keith said...

So sorry, J, that this rude person took the sunshine out of your day. You probably felt like saying, "Who licked the red off your candy?!" She is a good example of how one little word, attitude, or action can have either a positive effect to brighten one's day, or a negative effect, turning the day into gray. G

-J- said...

I've never heard that expression before :-) She definitely didn't exude southern hospitality that I've grown accustomed to around here.