Friday, January 15, 2010

Lydia is deathly afraid of birds.

It seems like a strange phobia to me, since birds mostly just mind their own business. I have to confess though that this might be my fault. When she was a couple years old, I thought it might be a great idea to get some pet birds. To make a long story short, they escaped from their cage several times.

We would have to search for them, not knowing if we would find live birds or the carnage left over by our two hungry cats. We owned three birds over a span of a couple years, and only one of them fell victim. When we would find their hiding spots, they would inevitably fly out and flap around the house which would always make me scream.

Then we would call my dad, who would come over and (after a few tries) catch them in his baseball cap.


Gail and Keith said...

LOL. Keith saw "The Birds" as a junior higher and has been freaked out ever since.

-J- said...

So I shouldn't rent it for Lydia to watch? haha