Monday, March 16, 2009

About Idol Worship

Lydia was in a couple of fashion shows this weekend at the Women’s Expo in Knoxville, which is a huge event with shopping, special speakers, exhibits, etc. She’s blessed to have a grandma who works for one of the sponsors and who could get her in the shows. She modeled twice for Dillards and twice for the Skirt Magazine show. While it was an amazing experience, when it was all over I was more than ready to return to normal life. I felt much like Edmund in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe when he was offered Turkish Delight and became dazzled and driven by it. I actually found myself caring what the directors of this show or Skirt thought of me. I waited for an opportunity to say something witty or show off an outfit I was wearing. I’ve also seen first hand that there are many people who fill their lives with trinkets and treasures thinking they can build a pile big enough to make themselves happy. Although I know this and am sickened when I see it first hand in others, I also have the tendency to get pulled to the fringes of this….to think that a vintage shirt or a piece of jewelry will always make my heart jump when I see it. I bow ever so slightly to an idol. How un-fabulous is that?! Lydia’s dad noted that I probably wouldn’t want to be a stage mom, and he was exactly right. Trust me when I say I haven't written about every attitude or error in thinking this weekend, and God showed me an area that definately needs work.

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Tiffany T. said...

I feel ya. I do the same thing. I respect you for not getting all caught up in all that this weekend. And you are right. Those things are all fleeting and only cause momentary happiness.