Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is the man I still consider to be my pastor. I get more out of his sermons than anybody else's. Pretty cool to see him hanging out with Mr. President. He's the pastor of Northland Church in Orlando. He's also Ava's grandpa if you've been reading long enough to know that whole story. The funny thing is as huge as this church is and despite the important positions he holds, he doesn't have that mega-church pastor attitude. This church is burgeoning because they love people...accept people...they put action behind their words and make the community a better place. There isn't a drive to be a big church. There's a drive to honor God and give their best. The natural excellence that follows has attracted many wise, accomplished members who share their gifts and knowledge with others. You can view their services live, on-line (or archived sermons) several times a week by going to their website.

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