Friday, September 2, 2011


There's nothing that beats getting up before the sun each morning and watching the sky gradually turn to pink on the horizon. I find myself facing east in my driveway each morning while waiting for Lydia's bus to arrive. There's something about that moment where you realize the sky is starting to lighten. For me it brings hope when I see the day starting out so fresh, so full of possibilities. It brings a sense of peace to the world. Imagine if, instead of gradually lightening our part of the world, God just flipped a switch and flooded the earth with noonday light each morning. I know this feeling because every morning Lydia wakes me by turning on the overhead light above my bed (I hate overhead lighting anyway). It's not a great feeling, so I can appreciate this gentle nudge God gives us with each new day. Now if I could just hold onto that feeling of promise and hope throughout chaotic and stressful days I'd be doing great.

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