Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Girl

Dear Lydia,

It is officially birthday week of year 14. A dozen or so years ago I could've never pictured this, but here we are. In my life you are the caramel drizzle on my frapuccino. You are my family. You are the only person I need to make Christmas a holiday and the only ingrediant necessary to make a movie night just perfect. The past 14 years have been the most perfect of my life and I will treasure you always. You have a lifetime of decisions ahead, but you only have four more years of "childhood". I believe you can make it through these years making the good decisions you always have and moving into adulthood with as few scars as possible. Keep being the beautiful, intelligent, creative girl that you are.

Love - Mom
We had Lydia's birthday party at a hotel this weekend. We only got in trouble with management once.
Yay us. Lots of pizza, Gigi's cupcakes, prank calling boys, glow sticks, obscene amounts of candy and being silly. The best part was my adjoining room where I could go for peace and quiet. I even got to have a friend sleepover too!

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Bean Sprouts said...

Happy Belated birthday Lydia!

and Jenn, you are such a cool mom. You two really do remind me of the real like Gilmore Girls :)