Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Long Three Months

In recent weeks I have avoided thinking about April 27 and the ways in which the lives of so many have been changed forever. I have yet to cry over what I've seen...the stories I've heard both firsthand and through others. Today we drove down a few of the hardest hit streets, mere blocks from home, and what I saw stunned me all over again. I felt that little hitch come into my throat...the one that tells me a major blubber fest is about to come on, but again nothing came. I think I'm overwhelmed by the enormity of it which I could never describe to you here or in pictures. I wish I could drive every last one of you around and just say "see what I meant?!". The first word that comes to mind when I see mile after mile of mountainside slayed to the ground is "monster". It feels like some sort of other-wordly monster invaded such a random and innocent part of our world. Even though I've seen the buildings that gape open and the cars that are crushed, it's a jolt every time I come across the scenes again.

 I have a couple of storm related pictures for you that tell a little bit of a tale. This first one is the foundation of someone's home, all that's left, and from the looks of things there may have been a fatality here. You can see the beautiful, unscathed home behind it and then behind that home you can see some of the flattened trees along the hillside. Tornados are truly bizarre in their hit and miss nature.
This next set of pictures is sort of a before and after shot. Remember this corner lot that I see out my kitchen window? Note the destroyed home amongst all the trees.
This is that same corner NOW. This is amazing progress compared to most of the area.

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