Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free to Be

I don't want to be one of those people who are always trying to shape their kids into who THEY want them to be, which is why I recently had to come to an acceptance about Daisy Mae.

I've had to accept that Daisy is just not the adventurer I hoped she would be. Take for instance, our last camping trip to Cloudland Canyon. In the car on the way there, she whined, and whined, and whined. She threw up. She was scared  and pressed up against Lydia so tightly  that Lydia could almost not breathe. This was all AFTER I doped her up on dramamine.
Then at the campsite, she didn't enjoy being tied out to a tree and lying in the dirt and grass. In the heat of the day, she laid like this in front of the fan in an attempt to cool off. She was not her normal rambunctious self. At night she burrowed down to the bottom of our sleeping bags because she was cold.
I just have to face the fact that Lydia and I have turned her into a little baby, just like we wanted, and I can't just reverse it when I want to do something outdoorsy. She wants her down comforter on her soft bed. She wants her kittie to play with. She wants her couch pillows to curl up on.
By the way, girlfriend has an extra toe. Is that gross or what??

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