Friday, April 8, 2011

We have my nephew's Flat Stanley in Chattanooga with us this week. While I have all sorts of fun ideas that you or I would think are amusing, figuring out how to creatively amuse a group of 1st graders has me a little stumped.

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Gail and Keith said...

We had a similar difficulty. We were delighted to have Flat Stanley as a house guest; he's a lot of fun.
He visited DeSoto National Memorial and the beach. Our plans for a trip to the blood bank were foiled. The kids will love whatever you come up with. The Conquistadors know Flat Stanley; he's visited there before! I saw a picture of him with President G.W. Bush! I can't compete with that. There is an entire website dedicated to pictures of Flat Stanley all over the world. Kathryn said he even visited Vietnam. Not to worry; our pics will be just as fun for the class.