Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Street Post Tornado

It's no secret how much I love our little community, which is why I'm sick about what I came home to today. Lydia and I walked down the road, talking to neighbors who have NOTHING left of their house. Some of them road out the storm hidden in a closet or bathtub, and when the storm  passed were sitting in the open in a pile of debri. As I talked to people (who were mostly in overalls in case you need a visual) they were like everyone else who goes through something like that - just happy to be safe.

just a couple houses down from us....

I found out I live near some pretty interesting characters. I spoke with a 75 year old man who lived in my house as a baby. His house was demolished.
This guy just didn't care...said he was throwing out his stuff and going camping for a couple weeks.
remains of a house
someone's couch

this is our house....

view from porch
I didn't take the next picture - these are the guys from across the street who rode out the storm in their bathtub, which ended up in a pile of debri next to the house.

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