Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Matilda's Blessing

Matilda is our beloved 210,000 mile Jeep. Recently she hasn't been as, ahem, sprightly, as she used to be. We don't say bad things about her and given her age she's allowed to have a hiccup now and again. It's just that the hiccups have turned into full fledged belching...gasping...wretching lately.....you get the drift. Today she drove down the road like a bucking bronco, barely making it the mechanic's a few miles from our house which is a few miles further into the country than we are even. This gave us the rare opportunity to walk through some areas we normally don't get to linger in, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
First of all, by some miracle, we were passed by the ice cream truck, which in another miracle actually stopped for us. Lydia bagged a tweety bird frozen treat and onward we marched until we passed this farm. As we passed by the fence, a herd of various breeds of goats and mules raced towards us. You can see some of them in the background of this picture, still galloping towards us (or tweety bird I'm not sure which). They were the friendliest bunch of animals we've ever met.
As we walked along the fence line they followed along, stopping when we stopped and walking when we walked. We made it home safely and only had to ward off one do-gooder, in a taxi-cab, whose van smelled strangely like dead animals. Shiver.

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