Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Lydia,

In case you didn't know, you make me so proud I fairly burst. There isn't anything about you that disappoints me. On those days when I act irritated because you want your corn in a cup and not on a plate, or when you don't eat your sandwich I packed but eat all your goldfish, or when you point out food in my teeth, or when you leave an empty capri sun box in the fridge.....I'm forgetting about what's important in life. I get caught up in so many details that I forget the big picture. You're just being a kid, a teenager, an adolescent. It's ok if you inconvenience me. It's my job.

 On the flip side, you know that when I irritate you by: making you wipe off some eyeliner, or telling you to sit like a lady, or  saying "no" to a trip to Forever 21, or making faces when you mention certain friends..... that I am just being a mom. It's your job as a daughter to grin and bear it until one day, as an adult, you can shake your head and laugh at your mom's senility. Such is life my dear


Gail and Keith said...

Lydia is a beautiful young lady, inside and out. And, I lu-uve the dress.

JennWren said...

Thanks. I'll tell her you said so :)