Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm currently reading a a booklet by a former pastor of mine called "I Don't Do Crazy Anymore". The book was written after his granddaughter, Ava Hunter, died soon after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. You guys have seen her picture on this blog I'm sure. In one of his first sermons after her death, he made a statement about how "crazy" is not going to set the agenda for him anymore. The statement resonated with people, myself included.

Crazy comes in a lot of different forms...people who are going to disapprove of you no matter what, illnesses that try to change the way you live and quench your spirit, difficult marriages, etc. How much time have I spent focusing on the crazy...trying not to make someone mad, feeling sorry for myself, getting sucked into a cycle of arguing? In the meantime there were people dying, work to be done, a child to raise. Crazy was setting the agenda. Sometimes crazy has come in the form of my own insecurities that drove me to some decisions I probably would make differently now. Sometimes crazy has been beating myself up for those decisions.

Looking at the big picture I see all that garbage and instantly know it won't be driving me anymore. If you're interested in reading this book for yourself, you can find more information by contacting the Northland Bookstore.

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