Thursday, February 24, 2011

There are a lot of beautiful people on the internet, displaying themselves for the masses who come to worship their style, or their perceived perfect lives. It concerns me that people have become so obsessed with themselves and with people they don't really know who they try to emulate. Sometimes I think a lot of this has to do with a really limited worldview. What do we know of persecution? What do we know of fear because our country is in the process of overthrowing it's government? We have the luxury of being self-obsessed. Of course, living in the US we're going to identify most with our culture, but what about people like Said Musa.......

I'm pretty sure he's not spending his time in prison in Afghanistan taking pictures of himself with his Iphone. Yet he's the epitome of beautiful. He's art in its rawest form. His beaten body represents Christ. The devestation his life has become after being thrown in prison for professing his belief in God, is a kind of beauty you and I can probably never obtain. We probably will never be stripped of our ugly, self-centered lives and have all the trappings that keep us focused on ourselves ripped away. This simplest, un-edited picture of Said Musa is probaly the most beautiful thing you will see all day, whether you realize it or not.
Go to Voice of the Martyrs to learn more.
Spent 431 days in prison after being accused of ripping pages from the Quran

Burned while escaping a Muslim attack on her Christian village. Beauty.

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Bean Sprouts said...

Fantastic post!

Thank you for this, it's far too easy to get wrapped in in my own little world, sometimes I need that reminder of how incredibly lucky I am.