Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eli's Song

Eli is a member of my family whose life wound down when it should've just been winding up. He was still being created by his maker when God chose to bring him to heaven.  When my brother and his wife found out they had lost their Eli, they were just a few short weeks into their first pregnancy together. For those few weeks, God chose them to be this baby's parents. God chose them. In tribute to this little man I'll quote Rich Mullins from his song "Eli's Song".

O Eli
There's a sanctity in your innocence
A certain beauty and no uncertain strength
That brings me to the faith
I don't know if I
If I am climbing to or falling in

O Eli
There's a joy in your sweet abandon
Like the cowgirl ballerina leaves that ride
The wild and holy bucking wind that the sky
Sent through you to blow away these walls I've built
Walls of selfishness and walls of guilt
That leave me free to be a child

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Bean Sprouts said...

So sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers are with your family.