Monday, October 11, 2010

Lydia and I are always trying to do fun and random things on the weekend. This weekend I heard about something called Bark in the Park. It was basically a doggie fair at a local park where they have just opened an elitist dog park next door. I've never heard of a city dog park where you had to pay membership fees. Seriously. Like I'm going to pay $50 a year so your rich dog can hump my leg and stick his nose places it doesn't belong. What's next? Will I have to show you shot records in order for my kid to play on the monkey bars? I don't think so. Since the communists who own the dog park were not in charge of the overall event, we thought it might be fun to go and watch the activities and maybe see some things you don't see every day.

On the way out the door I grabbed Daisy's Halloween costume from last year because I heard they were having a costume contest. I knew we wouldn't win since it was a $12 witch costume from Target, but it'd be fun to parade her around anyway (and she did look darling). Lydia, being the take charge kid that she is, went and signed us up for the contest. I thought I was in for a canine version of Toddlers and Tiaras. My I-Hate-Tennessee t-shirt (the school not the state) started feeling tight and stifling as other owners streamed in with their dogs dressed in UT cheer costumes. I lost my inhibitions though when the TN fan next to me kept saying "oops someone's peeing" each time a dog took a leak.

When Daisy's turn came I was surprised at the fierceness with which I wanted to win. Lydia looked confused at my instant metamorphisis from chill mom to dogzilla. I was shouting orders, making war plans. When it was announced that Daisy was the winner (probably because people were scared to let me lose) I snatched up the gift basket and Petco gift card and ran in case they changed their minds. Daisy is now feasting on gourmet dog treats and being pampered with organic shampoos and lotions. She'll be sad when it's back to saltine crackers or pieces of popcorn for treats. For now I figure she deserves the spoils of her win. Tomorrow I'll try to post a picture of her with her costume and prizes.

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