Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love does not encourage isolation. Love does not possess for it's own, but absorbs goodness to return in overflowing bounty. She moves with the wind, skirting her way between leaves on trees, between gaps in fences and over the tallest of walls. The wind did not invite her on the journey, but love gained entry anyway by gentle insistence...a practiced way that leaves others unable to resist her beauty. She inhabits. She transforms. Just as you think you know love she changes the rules. She pushes you harder and requires more. There are times you think you hear her voice only to realize it was just you're own. There are times you wish she didn't own you, and other times when you praise her many merits. Love isn't as simple as she looked when she rode in on the wind. She's bigger, stronger, faster, wilder and you realize that this too is her practiced way which leaves you wondering who dreamt love up. It must have been someone wilder, someone stronger, someone enormous and powerful. Then you have your most startling realization yet and that is that love started her journey here, from God's heart. Love is big but her creator is massive and never tires of creating, creating, creating.

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