Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All day yesterday we were warned of the storm that was to approach our area late in the day. I don’t know many people who actually feel fear at warnings like this. I think most of us take the news with feelings of excitement. I know I do. Up to a certain point of intensity, I’ll run out into approaching storms rather than take cover. Don’t get me wrong, Hurricane Charley had Lydia and I huddling in the closet in St Cloud, FL but those winds were over 100 mph. Last night we went to Chris’s house for awhile in the evening just to be cautious, since he has a basement and we don’t. I waited with anticipation. The news said storms were approaching our area in 12 minutes. Twelve minutes East Brainerd, 12 minutes!!!!! I sat on the porch and watched the sky turn a little dark, and then I felt it…a breeze blew my hair. I looked up waiting for the fury and there was nothing but dead calm. It was a dud. A total freaking dud of a storm…at least for me. For the people involved in THIS headline I'm sure it was a different story.
"Tornado Touches Down Near Chickamauga Dam; Causes 7-Car Pileup On Bridge"

I don't know about you, but a bridge is the last place I wanna be during a tornado.

It's also likely that the storm did not disappoint the person who shot this photo.

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