Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daisy enjoys a lolly
This morning found me in a tazmanian devil type frenzy due to the dread of every renter's existence - the landlord visit. I spun through the house shoving unidentifiable dog-chewed objects into my sock drawer, dragging a chair over the spot where I had painted a bookcase on my kitchen floor (bad idea), and cleaning the bathroom while halfway in / halfway out of the shower. I even threw away the 2 month old cherries in the produce drawer (which is where produce goes to die and you all know this is true. It's a mass buriable site comparable only to the dairy drawer).

There is no point to this really other than to tell those who would never admit to doing such things that they need to wear looser underwear. I once heard of someone who stashed paperwork in their oven while selling a house, only to have the new owners unknowingly roast it all upon moving in. We all have stories.


Bean Sprouts said...

ha, I don't miss those days! Hope the visit from the Landlord went well!

Bean Sprouts said...

HAHA OMG, your comment just made my day :)