Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes in order to put my life in perspective, I spend time thinking about how I envisioned my future when I was a child, because in some ways I’m certain we all were smarter back when we were kids. It sometimes makes for a difficult introspection. Even with all the knowledge of the wisest sages combined, we, as a human race, are just smart enough to be dangerous. All of our progress and learning is just a speck in the vastness of God’s being…just one little cell. It’s a God-given desire to want to know and learn, but what good does it do if we lean on it too much, if we cloud our thinking with useless information? God gave us a map and we could see it when our eyes were unclouded by the world. We all felt the longing to be extraordinary……to be princesses, mothers, wives, teachers, adventurers. We clunked our way up and down the hall in our high heeled Barbie shoes because it made us feel beautiful. Our bare feet paced the wood floors trying to hush our baby dolls because clearly mothers were important beings. Closets became castles surrounded by motes and protected by courageous nights because we, as women, wanted to be fought for even at 5 years old.
We are made for adventure, made for dreams, and made in God’s image. Somewhere in the course of growing up we learned we can’t have the life we dreamed about because the bills need to be paid. We were taught to be ordinary, plain, and afraid of taking risks.

In the movement of lifestyle bloggers across the internet you can see that innate desire to create beauty played out in real time. Women are smart and adaptive and they’re learning how to grab the fairytale longings we’re born with and plop them into reality in the real world.

Our childish dreams were not foolish. They were connected to our souls. If you believe in God and believe in the idea that he made every intricate details of our being, then you’re even more prepared to dive into this dream-capturing. As with everything I write, I’m too impatient or tired or lazy to give this post a neatly sealed, succinct ending. Hopefully you can write your own little ending into it anyway

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