Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last 4th of July found me in the back of an ambulance after falling backwards off my roof onto my concrete driveway. I broke 3 ribs, fractured 3 transverse processes, and I'm pretty sure I fractured my tailbone also since the pain was severe and it still hurts after a year. I had road rash on my back and arms as well as serious bruising around one of my elbows. I thank God every time I remember that day, because I know I could've hit my head and died.  With that being said, we were hoping this year would be kinder, and the holiday did not disappoint.We had a fireworks party at Tiffany's house:
We invented games that made the grownups look silly
We made a new friend
and got to watch fireworks from the bridge
and Lydia learned to shoot fireworks from her head
On Sunday we had lunch with some new friends from church
where we met Captain Mike
and caught some serious air

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Bean Sprouts said...

What a fabulous weekend!!!!

I'm sorry to hear about fracturing your talebone. I fractured mine in 3rd grade....I'm now 24 so that was a LONG time ago and I still have problems with it. I have also refractured it more times then I can count by slipping on the stairs, slipping on the ice etc etc. It seems any fall that involves me landing on my behing re-fractures it. The only thing that I have found that helps is yoga. I guess it helps stretch things out so it helps alleviate some pain.