Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dude. Check out Erik the Red here. I'm pretty sure he could kill you with one swipe of that brillo pad on his chin.
At first I wasn't his biggest fan, considering his murderous temper and frequent pilaging. I try to keep an open mind though since life in the late 900's was a bit different than it is for us here in the US.
Erik was one of the first people to settle in Norway and soon started farming the land and worshiping Norse gods.
The reason he's starring on this blog today is because early on in the Christianization of Norway, Erik's wife converted. Erik chose to continue on with the freaky Norse god worship for awhile, but in an act of concession, he built his wife a little church for her and other converts to worship in. Let's all say it together - "awwwwww!" I'm not sure how much nagging she had to do to get the job done, but regardless I think it's sweet. The above picture is a replica built 1,000 years later.

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