Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You cannot look one day in the eye and say you're ready for whatever comes. The day knows of time's vastness and your smallness and all the possibilities for disaster that could come your way in the 24 hours it makes its home with you. It knows it could bring you to your knees. It sees into the most guarded parts of your being and knows your bravado is nothing more than a cloud you use to block out the possibilities.

Then something unexpected happens in this battle of wills. You remember the worst day of your life...the day you lost a loved one to suicide, the day you got that rejection letter, the day the dr. called you in for the test results and you realize that you outlived that day. You weren't ready, but you beat it anyway, and this realization makes real and unshakeable courage being to rise in you. You look at the day, this day, and tell it that it can bring you to the ground but you will hang on until it's breathed its last breath. That you will have the last laugh as you lift your head to watch the dawn burn away its last remnants. And if the new day brings the same fury you will resolve to beat it and all its offspring the same way until you can stand one day and fight…until the day comes that you can not only pull yourself up, but you can once again take the day in your hands and make it your servant.

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