Monday, June 21, 2010


Last night it was hot in my bedroom so I slept on Lydia's pull out bed beside her. We were peacefully reading oru own books before we officially turned in for the night, when out of nowhere a flying roach landed on the bed beside me. There's nothing uglier than a roach sitting on your eyelet lace sheets. My first reaction was to hit it with my book to get it away from me, and who else was in the line of fire except my defenesless daughter, who had no idea what had just happened. I started apologizing while the bug was still in the air. Once it landed in her hair she jumped up to shake it off and it ran under the bed to become cat bait.The screaming in that room would've run it off eventually anyway.

I promised Lydia I would not use her as a human shield if we ever encountered an assailant.


Gail said...

Laughing, not at your plight of a roach landing on your lovely eyelet sheets, nor your unsuspecting daughter getting whacked with a book, but at a somewhat similar, though different scenario when I arrived at work today. I flipped on the window a.c., turned on the computer and printer, and nudged the keyboard. Out ran that wretched black (gecko) lizard that has been inhabiting the business desk. He's too fast for me to catch and throw outside. This means war and it isn't gonna' be me that meets an untimely demise if it doesn't cooperate and leave peacefully. G

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Oh no, yuck!! ((Shiver!))