Monday, May 10, 2010

The day before Mother's Day found me on the North Shore soaking up the 75 degree weather while Tiffany and Lydia did some shopping for Mother's Day.
On the walk from Tiffany's house we saw the best of Chattanooga...quirkilly decorated lawns, succulents and flowering plants, old men napping on their front porches, young men enjoying coffee at Aretha Frankenstein's. One of these days my camera will be fixed and I'll prove this city's beauty to you.

After the shopping was finished, we walked around a bit and I stashed my chair since it was heavy. Lydia took a picture of where I put it so we'd remember. Unfortunately I never went back for it, so if you're in the Coolidge Park area you might look for a free chair here:

The pea in a pod clip in my hair was one of my gifts from Lydia
along with these beautiful roses
On Sunday we went to Knoxville to visit Lydia's dad's family. We had a wonderful time there to come later.

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Tiffany T. said...

I'm glad you like the hair clip! I love it!