Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bleh. I miss my camera. In lieu of photos I'll tell you some good things happening in our lives right now:

1. I picked up the paperwork to enroll in school again to keep working towards my nursing degree.
2. Someone gave us a couch and a daybed that we're picking up tonight.
3. It seems to me that in East TN, spring lingers for months and makes you want to lay all day in the grass.
4. Our house in the country is a snuggly, warm, happy place to be and Lydia and I love it. Pics to come.
5. American Idol
6. Dancing with the Stars
7. We have a circle of unique and kindhearted friends.
8. School is almost out for the summer!
9. My bi-weely paychecks. Whoot! Whoot!
10. I'm thankful to God for making sure we have everything we need.
11. My Jeep...even though it's a mess of duct tape and has 181,000 miles on it.
12. Daisy is consistenly pooping outside.


Gail and Keith said...

A nurse! Yea! You can do it; you've got a huge chorus of supporters cheering you on, me included. G

Natalie Jane said...

I don't know how I came across your blog, but glad I did. :)

Amen to laying in the grass all day. Wasn't today amazing??