Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Confession - I tried reading this little book one time. It's pretty popular amongst the newly married, church-going set.
Unfortunately, while reading it one day in the midst of a tense time, my husband made a sarcastic comment and found the book whizzing past his head. There went my dreams of sainthood. It laid just where it landed for several weeks and I never began reading it again.

Is this my proudest moment? No.
Do I think that this book was intended to be used that way? No 
Have I quit throwing things when pushed to my absolute limit with my husband? Mostly


Gail and Keith said...

If it's any comfort to you, I've stopped reading those books. They tend to be disconcerting, not that they don't contain some grains of truth. Mine usually end up thrown in the trash as I am either angered or despair at reaching that level of godly perfection. The good news is, I can't; in God's eyes I am perfect because of Christ's righteousness. I find the best book to be my guide is the BIBLE. It contains all I need and its author, Jesus Christ is the standard for living all of life.

Anonymous said...

i love you:)