Monday, March 1, 2010

This weekend I practiced making some headbands that I'll eventually be selling in an online store. Lately I've been seeing stenciled numbers pop up everywhere...on dishes, linens, etc. In that spirit I thought I'd try stenciling some onto headbands to see how they look. I'm not 100% thrilled with my first attempt, mostly because I'd like prettier feathers. These are just craft feathers purchased at Hobby Lobby that probably would've ended up in a child's indian costume. I won't be selling either of these, but wanted to share the finished products with you.
I know! Nappy feathers, right? I'll figure out something better.

Other than headband making, this weekend was busy with laundry, baking LOTS of popovers for church, and beginning to write my dad's story.


Lydia Anne said...

can i buy 1?? haha ily

-J- said...

No headbands for you young lady!