Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Lydia's most loved best friend and cousin Kaylee. 

She and Lydia are only a few months apart in age, and have been forever friends since they were tiny. Technically, Kaylee is MY cousin, but since my uncle was still having babies at 84 years old (oh snap I hope Uncle Tom doesn't read this!), it turned out that Lydia and Kaylee are very close in age.

In the four years since we've moved from Florida to Chattanooga there have been many tears cried from missing Kaylee, and it makes me feel.....
happy that my daughter loves someone who is so worth missing.

I'm glad they will have in common the strong sense of family, and the memories of relatives that came before them.

I'm glad that when we parents are old and they're changing OUR diapers (sooner for Kaylee than for Lydia), they will have each other to vent to.

Come visit us soon Kaylee!


Gail and Keith said...

What cool pictures of the two girls.
I believe that there are only one or two, possibly three people that we befriend in a lifetime that are kindred spirits. (Anne of Green Gables). Looks like Kaylee and Lydia are kindred spirits. G

lydia anne said...

i love u