Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today is Tuesday, the day each week I've promised I would unburden myself of something I would otherwise try to keep hidden...one dirty secret or embarrasing moment I'll expose to all 3 of my blog readers. It seems like a baby step towards vulnerability, but then again, my mom reads this blog so give me a little credit. Today is all about food. First of all, mom, one time when you and dad went out you left a tray of brownies on the counter which I'm pretty sure was off limits. I dug in with my hands and shoveled them in my mouth so fast that I choked and ran to get Mark for fear I'd die. He wasn't much help since apparently I failed to flash him the universal sign for choking and he just looked at me like I was doing something silly. Obviously I survived to tell this story so I managed to swallow with a glass of water. I also used to dig into the whipped topping in the freezer repeatedly with the same spoon, which was a huge no-no in our house. Whenever I was alone in the house I would go on a food frenzy as if my parents never fed me. I remember mixing plain white rice with hot sauce once in an attempt to make Spanish rice. Back in the day I was blessed with a killer metabolism so my love affair with food wasn't all that apparent, but as I've gotten older I've discovered that binging doesn't look quite as cute on me as it used to. That's why I'm making a concentrated effort to put food in perspective now, which doesn't mean I can't appreciate a pretty cupcake. See last year's Valentines Day cupcakes!

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