Monday, January 25, 2010

Last week we took a trip over to Alabama to Unclaimed Baggage. Unclaimed Baggage is a resale store where a second chance has been given to all your lost luggage and items you've somehow lost while traveling. Ladies, for the life of me I can't figure out why you don't keep better track of your Coach bags. They have dozens of them all the time. The place is filled with the possibility of finding anything you can imagine. Unfortunately, the prices are still a little high, so on this particular trip I was only able to buy these shoes.

I wore them to church on Sunday and they were perfect and gloriously shiny even if my toes were a little scrunched. I stared at them all during church. I knew I should pay attention to my Pastor, but I couldn't help wondering how they'd look with different outfits and hoping the woman next to me was noticing how cute  they were.

Just as church was ending and I stood to leave, my right foot caved to the floor and I knew.....I had broken a heel. I asked God to forgive me for idolizing my shoes in hopes that he would heel my shoes
 (heel...haha get it? I'm a comedian.) No such luck though. He must have decided that the loss of my shoe was for the greater good.

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