Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I told some stories about Lydia and her tendancy towards clutsiness on my old blog, and I promised her that in return I would tell this story about me. When I was in the ER after my fall, I was still in a neck restraint on a backboard with an oxygen thing in my nose. I was so thirsty after a few hours, so Chris got me a Gatorade. I couldn't sit up or move really, so I tilted my head back just a little while he dropped some in my mouth. Did I mention his poor aim? He ended up dripping it into one of my nostrils, which I'm pretty sure caused Gatorade to be whisked up into my brain. I yanked the oxygen tube out of my nose which caused the remaining droplets of Gatorade to be blown into one of my eyes. I could hear Lydia snickering beside me.


Chris said...

I figured I could off you at the hospital by drowning you then sue them for neglegence and move to Tahiti.

Jennifer said...

death by gatorade