Friday, November 6, 2009

I was thinking this morning about what it is that defines me. There are several things that I know the Creator himself placed in me....for example, my hair and eye color, the way my right foot turns in when I'm standing still, my love for nature. These things have been there since day one. I can love these things because the most creative being in the world thought they were beautiful and perfect. Art has it's roots in the seven days that God unleashed himself and brought us into being with all our intricacies and details. It didn't end on day seven, because what He made was living and breathing and creating on it's own. His creation, his project ,still trickles out in millions of directions each day. His powerful desire to make something beautiful is imprinted on all of us. The projects we create are merely an aftershock of  God's creativity exploding onto a blank dark canvas at our beginning.

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