Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was handed a box of treasures from my mom this evening - a box full of some precious things that belonged to my grandmother. In it are letters from me to my grandparents from when I was young and fancied myself as Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to be an astronaut at the same time so go figure. There are birthday cards we gave grandma when my younger brother was too little to spell his name so he just scribbled. The card I wrote to my grandpa on his death bed is there. The 50th anniversary candle holder....the picture of me in my Publix uniform. My grandma kept all these little sentimental things that mean so much to me now. I feel sadness for the little girl who wrote carefree letters and knew nothing about hardship, yet I feel grateful to my parents who gave me such a story book childhood...I'm not childhood kicked your childhood's butt. I guarantee it. The letters and trinkets of my grandma's that my mom saved for me were worth way more than fine china

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Tiffany T. said...

aw ya. im so happy. ps. love your nice pleated pants.