Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day?

I feel non-human today, and not in the good, superhero way, but in a stray dog sort of way. I haven't been to work since Thursday. I've barely seen daylight. I have not had a coffee from any of my favorite shops, and I didn't get to see my friends yesterday. Instead I've been changing sheets, holding back hair, taking temperatures, soothing a scared child, and listening to the ER dr. explain acute dehydration and strep throat. That's right. Lydia had the worst case of strep throat ever and despite her doctor's intervention she ended up in the ER. Good times, especially for her. I tried my best but could not get her well, and that's a scary feeling for a parent. My heart goes out to all those with terminally ill kids for their courage, fortitude, and strength. Wow. You're awesome. I don't know what that must be like, but I got a very small glimpse of it this weekend. Very small. Lydia was upset she was sick and I had to take care of her on Mother's Day. I was just glad I could be there....mothering in the truest sense of that word. I wouldn't trade it for the strappy wedges or bohemian jewelry that was on my wishlist this year. Soon I'll feel human again, drink some coffee, and think about things we learned these past few days.

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Tiffany T. said...

you're an awesome mom, jen. i hope lyds is feeling better too.