Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things I Never Expected

  1. That I'd be driving down 53rd street in Bradenton, FL, and suddenly and randomly be overcome by an intense feeling of being loved that I immediately identified as God. The force of all genres of love combined collided with my heart that day as quietly and gently as a whisper.
  2. That I'd come to love a President I didn't vote for, and his family, almost instantly on inauguration day.
  3. That I'd ever consider the idea of singing in front of an audience again, yet hope is needling into my heart that I'll once again experience my biggest joy.
  4. That having a child is essentially watching a piece of your heart walk around outside your chest. That for the rest of your life your heart is in the hands of this person and you can't take it back if they trample on it. That their choices and experiences impact you as if they were your own.

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