Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas All Month

Being a blended family has it's advantages. One of them is getting to celebrate holidays with multiple families. This last weekend we had Christmas with Phoebe since she'll be in Canada for Christmas. In fact, I think she leaves either on the 19th or 22nd. What a great place to spend Christmas! Anyway, she got some Heelys she's wanted for a couple years now, along with some games and gift cards...stuff like that. Santa brought her a holiday Barbie 2008. I enjoy the fact that at 8 years old, Phoebe is still interested in things like Barbies and special stuffed animals. All too soon she'll grow out of that stuff.
Here are a few pictures of the weekend we got our tree, along with last weekend when Phoebe opened her gifts. I put absolutely "0" effort into taking good pictures so excuse the over-exposure, weird angles, and anything out of focus.

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